Love what you're wearing...

SophieBoxer garments are 100% Pure Cashmere and meet the highest demands to respect SophieBoxer traditions. For longevity we recommend that you take great care of it and read these instructions:

If dry-cleaning make sure the drycleaner is reputable and has experience with cashmere. Ideally choose a specialist who will 'block' the garment to its original proportions and measurements.

Done carefully, handwashing is a better way to maintain cashmere - which after all is washed again and again during processing. Use a fine fabric wash. Wash each garment separately in lukewarm water and squeeze out any excess water. A slow spin in the washing machine (not a fast one) does no harm. Gently smooth the garment to its original shape and dry it flat on a towel away from direct sunlight or hot radiators. 

When dry press on the reverse side using a damp cloth. Some pilling (tiny balls of fibre) is natural in a new garment. They can be picked off and should cease to form after a couple of washes. 

For storage, some people favour sealed plastic bags, although a layer of tissue and a tightly shut drawer are just as good. But never cram too many cashmere jumpers into one drawer